Feature request Naim App - volume control with phone volume buttons

Question: would it be possible to implement a feature into the Naim App (I am using the iOS version) the be able to use the volume buttons on the phone to adjust the volume of the Naim device (in my case the Atom)? Similar to when you use AirPlay to control the volume of the AirPlay device. Other vendors have implemented this in their apps and I find it very convenient. Fiddling with this little dot on the volume bar at the bottom of the screen is difficult for me with my thick fingers. :blush:

What do others think about this?

I would like to see the standby button on the main screen.
Instead of having to go into settings to turn off. I


Unlikely to happen, have you tried using the Naim Widget? swipe right on your Home Screen and add it there, with the latest ios14 you can also place the widget on the Home Screen

I think it’s a great idea - scrabbling about for the device, waking it up, etc. and so forth, while the doorbell goes (or whatever) is a bit of a pain. The widget’s a help.

However, there have been requests for this since the app came out, so I suspect there’s some reason why it can’t be done. But here’s hoping!

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I will try that right away. That might be the solution to it!

Edit: don’t seem to be able to place the Naim widget on the main screen, unlike the Apple widgets. Maybe the Naim widget needs an update to support this feature?

Hmm yes you’re right, seems you can’t move third party app widgets to Home Screen, only the native iOS ones, anyway I find it handy for a quick vol change or muting

The widget only lets you change tracks or pause/play not put into standby as far as I can see

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