Feature request streaming amps


I recently got the NSC222 and have difficulty seeing what input is selected on the display.

The display shows the icon LARGE and the input name quite small. I can hardly read the txt from distance and the icons are used multiple times. I need the name to know Digital 1 from 2 since analog and digital icons are reused for each input.

Now this is not an issue with the app but I like the remote.

I think it is much more user friendly to have larger txt for the name and a smaller icon.

And it would be great to be able to select different icons for each input so each input has a distinctive icon. For instance aCD, TV and game icon.


Yes, larger text would be helpful. Presumably you’re aware that you can rename inputs, which may make things a little easier.

Yes I changed the name but it’s just so small to read from any distance.

As a workaround you can use a short name for one and a long one for the other. Or single vs multiple words.

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