Feature request thread

We wanted it disabled simply because it was taking up screen real estate in the app and we never use the USB input. It might also have appeared when using the input cycle button on the remote, I honestly can’t remember.

Every other input can be removed/disabled via the app, USB seems to be an oversight.

To access the web app…

http://(device IP address)/webclient

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I use Qobuz and stream Hi-Res material all the time and I only use the Naim App. This should not be a problem with you ND5XS2.

Sorry poorly worded I meant that there doesn’t seem to be a tidal/Spotify connect equivalent in the qobuz app I can only see airplay. So I can’t use the qobuz app that does have a widget but have to use the naim which doesn’t and doesn’t seem to appear on my Lock Screen with a play pause option.

No worries, you are correct and someone from Naim would have to provide a response.

As Naim possibly have more influence than one listener, maybe they could ask the BBC on our behalf?

Metadata is not always available for various reasons. Different stations have different ways of providing it, which means supporting it outside of the BBCs own ecosystem is not straightforward. There are often licensing restrictions applied by the metadata providers too, which may mean that broadcasters are unable to pass it on to other platforms such as Naim.

Having said that, Roon manage to display BBC info, so it’s not impossible.
I know that Naim are aware of the desirability of good info on radio content, and I suspect they would have done this by now if they could. @Stevesky is the man to ask for iRadio issues, but don’t hold your breath!

It’s there in the Qobuz app, you have to select Chromecast as the output.

Confession time I know nothing about chromecast wouldn’t I need an extra device for that?

There is no ‘Qobuz Connect’ so you can’t use their app to cast to a streamer unless you use Airplay or Chromecast. Qobuz said some time ago that they were working on a Connect feature, but that it might take them a long time.

The Naim app widget is there in the lock screen on iOS so you should be able to play, pause, adjust volume etc from there.

I might be confused, but in the Qobuz iOS app, any new generation Naim streamer shows as an output (e.g. Atom, Nova, NDX2 etc). You select it and the streamer then pulls the hi-res stream direct from the internet with the app operating as a remote control. It’s not like Airplay, which takes the stream to the iOS device and then redirects it to the streamer in a lossy format.

It shows them as Airplay, Chromecast or Bluetooth inputs. Airplay and Bluetooth cast the stream from the iOS device. Chromecast sends it directly to the streamer.


Thank you so much I had no idea the nd5xs2 had chromecast built in googled it this morning and discovered I needed to enable it in the naim app. Always nice to have another option.

Now that I have enabled chromecast in the naim app that is completely true I really appreciate all the help.

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Ios 16 hates me I cannot get naim app up on my lock screen I think i’ll go look at ios 16 thread try to figure it out.

Strange, it works fine for me on iOS16. Do you have the Naim app widget turned on?

I’ve checked all widgets I can add to my lock or home screen can’t find one for naim and checked all settings in the naim app itself can’t find anything to enable?

iOS 16 on old iPhone XS…

Link to video showing how to add widget

I appreciate the video 16.2 looks different but I did the same things still nothing at least I know its not user error probably some weird way ios and naim app are interacting.

That is odd! The version of iOS in the video is 16.2 by the way…

This would now be particularly helpful with the launch of the new classic white logos. In fact, it would be good to be able to turn all lights off. No idea if possible tho.