Fidelia on macOS

I purchased this along with BitPerfect years ago on the Mac AppStore.

BitPerfect seems to be almost abandonware but that’s potentially due to macOS sandbox reasons which scuppered the apps original low level audio access.

Anyhow I downloaded Fidelia on the M1 Mini recently to use in the study with the Topping D10s hooked up to an ancient Philips iPod dock which coincidentally was form the Fidelio range and beat the pants off an original B&W Zeppelin which kept hanging/failing.

Prior to this I was playing to the Topping using the desktop Qobuz app (ok more versatility) or Apple Music.

As many have pointed out in the past macOS does not automatically adjust sample rate for Apple Music which is annoying.

I thought the Qobuz app was doing a pretty good job but SQ via Fidelia seems much better and it automatically configures the sample rate for each track, though all bit depths seem to go to a 32bit format.

It’s not that feature rich but pretty simple to use. Could imagine using it on a headless Mac Mini into a DAC in the main system.


I used Fidelia to listen to music on a Mac Mini via an external DAC for years, before I discovered Naim streamers. It is a great sounding platform, and fairly intuitive to import things from an iTunes/Apple Music local library. And it has native file conversion functionality. Quite underrated in my view. Glad you are enjoying it, too.

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