FiiO portable cassette player


From Analog Planet :

« The FiiO CP13’s audio circuitry is said to use analog devices, from the magnetic tape head to the signal amplification. The motor is powered by a high-voltage 4.2V power supply, which FiiO says is “more than the 1.8V or 3V typically found in portable cassette players.” This power supply works in tandem with a custom motor-speed stabilization circuit, which increases the drag on the motor to ensure stable movement speeds, as well as manage pitch changes and enable the CP13 to handle additional/other cassette types. The FiiO CP13 employs a differential circuit for balanced acquisition of signals from the custom head.«

129 dollars

Fun object. Original.


Seems to be a thing just now.

I bought one of these a while back


Guess what, I was quite sure you would find some interest in it.
I remember you have bought the Audio Technica Sound burger.

I wonder if you get more than 3 hours battery life now. That was always the original issue historically.

I did!

When it was still a ltd. edition re-issue.

And the We Are Rewind player is French too. None of this foreign muck…

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They say 13 hours autonomy. I think it’s rechargeable.