File sharing: NAS protocol

How does the Muso access local file shares?
Does the system use Samba/cifs?
If so, is SMBV1 enabled, or must smbv2/3 be used?

No it can’t, you need upnp server software running on a computer or nas.
Then select the upnp input in the Naim app.

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So, what about a usb drive via the usb port? Is that upnp/DLNA. No need for a server?

No USB is just a regular local file system. Just dump files on it and navigate by folder and file.

If you have a large music collection a NAS running a UPnP server would be a better option. Browsing through files on a USB stick would not be great.
The current Naim streamers have a UPnP server built in, but the Muso doesn’t.

They do? I never knew this. So they can access a file share over the network and then make it available to UPnP endpoints elsewhere in the home? Like having a Core?

Switch on server mode and you can see the usb drive on other devices.

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Ohhh. Not quite as nifty as I was imagining but a cool feature nonetheless.

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So, where are those cd (cd?) discs located? Is that what they are?

The things that look like CDs are the Asset UPnP shares that are sat on my NAS.

So your NAS is running a music server program?

Yes it is.

Yes, it’s a basic UPnP server, as you would expect from Naim, and maybe not ideal for handling a large music library, but other than that it works well.
It gives you a view of the files in the UPnP server input so that you can browse metadata and artwork, rather than the primitive folder view seen in the USB input.
You can optionally enable server mode if you want to access this music on other UPnP client devices.