File Sharing on Uniti Star and ND5XS2

Hi all.
I have a Uniti Star and a ND5XS2 with USB & SSD drives connected to them. If I set either unit to Server Mode, then I can see and copy music files from either of these Streamers using my Windows 10 PC.
However I cannot write to these directories. The Online help says I should enable file sharing. The Star supports SMB V1,2,3 apparently. I have enabled file sharing SMB V1. But I cannot write to them.
I just want to copy downloaded music from Qobuz or Native DSD to my SSD plugged in the back of the Star or ND5XS2 without having to plug the SSD directly into the PC (which is not so difficult).
I am using only wired network connections.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


As I understand it, you need to connect the drive directly to your computer, and cannot copy to it while it’s connected to the Naim box. If you do a lot of downloads it may be time to get a NAS.

HH is correct, to add music you need to connect the drive to a computer on your network then put it back on the streamer and let it rescan.

Thanks Guys for the clarification.
I have a Minimserver box running that works really well with these streamers. I was just wondering if there was another option to simplify things.

If by MinimServer box you mean a NAS, then that’s what is best to use. Forget the USB drives; maybe use them to back up the NAS. I downloaded four albums today - sort the metadata on the Mac, copy to the Qnap and that’s it. Far easier than moving drives around and rescanning.

Thanks HH.
Yes I currently use and old laptop running Linux with internal SSD as my upnp server. It works quite well but I’m not sure for how much longer.
Do you think there is any advantage to moving to a Uniti core or unitiserve as a central server?
Do they have the same restrictions of writing to the server from windows that the Uniti Star has?

Or would a Qnap nas be a better option for the future?


A separate NAS would allow access to your music folder from your computer without the need to move a USB drive around. This would apply to a regular QNAP or Synology, or to an audiophile version from Naim, Innuos etc.