Filter on the alimentation of the internet BOX

Hi all,
I would like to share with you an experience on a modification made on my network. I listen to Qobuz in Streaming via my Orange BOX (Livebox 5) on my NDX2. I read in the Vumetre review that using a current filter could improve the quality of listening. I therefore connected an ifi Audio DC iPurifier 2 module to the power supply of my BOX. The gain was immediately audible. Much more silence, much less background noise, a real presence, a warmth in the voices. This experience has been uplifting for me. I am considering adding a filter to my NAS power supply. I hope I’ve convinced you to give it a try and if you do I’ll be happy to read your testimonials.

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Hi Oliver

Do they detract anything away from the music in your experience or none at all?



Hi, I bought one of these from a well known auction site and blow me down, it worked! Added it to the power supply for a BT smarthub 2. A very marked and pleasing uplift in SQ. This, along with the EE8, has transformed my digital listening. Thanks for the tip.

No experience with that filter, but i use an audiophonics linear ps with my SFR router ( internet / tv) provider. It gave a little improvement.

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