Finding Rooms - Android/IOS conflict?

Thanks again to this forum for helping with a couple of problems over the last few months

My wife is really struggling to get the Naim app to work. She’s running IOS on an iPhone XR. Rooms (we have three) often either can’t be found or they appear and then vanish when she tries to play something using UPnP.

I have both IOS and Android devices and switched to using Android a few years ago as the Android app seemed more stable than the IOS one. For me, availability of Rooms pretty strong as long as I power cycle the one connected by WiFi after an internet outage, But on her phone it’s shocking. And it’s not down to the user - when she starts swearing I can’t find Rooms on her phone either…

Is me using Android and her IOS a cause (in which case I guess I could use IOS) or is there something else? Need to get this fixed as she’s understandable unhappy that she can’t play music.


Paging @tomvamos here for visibility.

What Naim devices are you using? Support team could maybe run a network diagnostic, too.

Thanks Clare. We have:

SuperUniti (wired)
UnitQute (wird)
Muso QB (WiFi)

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Thanks. Is that a first-gen Qb? And is the item that goes ‘missing’ the most?

Thanks Clare - yes, first-gen and the one that goes missing most!

Could you try it hard- wired (even as an experiment by moving it near your router) and see if that makes a difference?

Hi Clare,
I’ve tried it on my iPhone too and the same thing happened. All 3 streamers were coming in and out - at times I had zero, one, two or three! Eventually it settled but it took a couple of minutes. So I don’t think the QB WiFi is the problem,

PS it may be unrelated but the SuperUniti (playing currently) is showing the wrong track playing on the front display… (It’s showing the last thing I played using the remote rather than the app.) And I can no longer pause it using the remote

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