Fire at AKM

Been a big fire at AKM one of the big DAC chip manufacturers. They will be out of action for about a year apparently. This will have a knock on effect to all devices that use their chips. I guess shorterm lots will have been stockpiled but there will be a lull that will result in manufacturers searching elsewhere.

Hope no-one was hurt.


The Lindemann products use a lot of AKM chips for DAC, Clocking and Serialization purposes. Best buy now if you were considering a little something from the Limetree range…

Is it too mischievous of me to ask, ‘in the current climate’, how much it was insured for against fire?

I really shouldn’t be so cynical.


All these semi-conductor plants are insured to the hilt. I have underwritten a good few in the past - now retired so don’t ask me what the insured value is or who is on the schedule but you can bet most of it will end up in the reinsurance market. Yer! finally got reinsurance mentioned on the forum.

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