Firmware 4.8 update - NDX no longer seen on network

I’ve been the proud owner of an NDX for many years, the streamer has worked flawlessly. The NDX is connected to the network via a Netgear Smart Switch which allows me to stream music stored on my NAS drive. I use MinimServer on the NAS to access my music.

I recently upgraded the Firmware to 4.8 and all of a sudden, I can’t see the NDX on my network; the settings show a good connection with its IP address. The smart switch confirms the cable is OK. The Naim app can’t find it, it’s not listed on my connected devices on my Unifi Dream Router nor my PC. I decided to download the new app “Focal & Naim” but can’t set this up as my remote doesn’t have a home button! This is becoming frustrating very quickly.

Everything works, then nothing works! If anyone has an idea of what’s going on and can recommend a potential fix, I would be eternally grateful.

Have you rebooted the NDX and your control pad?

Yep, try rebooting your network and all devices.

Also try rebooting your router at the same time. Turn the router back on first, then the NDX, then the iPhone/iPad.

You don’t need to set up the new Focal/Naim app for the NDX. You go to the Naim universe or whatever nonsense it is they call it and then tap the link which says something like “go to my already set up rooms”.

Setting up the app simply isn’t relevant to any of the old green screen streamers, just to musos and the new platform streamers like Atom, NDX2 and so on.

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Thank you David, I’ll give it a go.

I did a factory reset on my NDS to get it work proper after 4.8 installation. Which of course always is best to do :wink:

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