Firmware update 3.5.0 issues with Spotify

After upgrading 3.5.0 on my Unity Atom Spotify connect stops working which is a disaster.


  • Unity Atom 3.5.0
  • iOS Spotify App
  • MacOS Spotify App
  • On both apps connecting to Unity Atom hangs, see screenshot

As the only change I did was the upgrade a faulty software on Naim side is highly likely

Anyone else experiencing this problem? Can I rollback to previous version 3.4.0?

Have you done a reset of the Atom?

Have you logged out of your Spotify account then logged back in again?

Thanks, yes I did a factory reset (but firmware for some reason stays the same).

What I haven’t indeed tried, is to Spotify login/logout on my mobile-device and Laptop.

OK, well do try that and let us know.

After upgrading I’ve had this issue with the Chromecast on my Star, and once it also just disappeared of the network completely. I needed to unplug, and plug back in to fix it. This happened in the first few days, but hasn’t happened since, so touch wood.

After unplugging, login/logout on Spotify on all my devices, things work stable again last 7 days.

Thank you.

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