Firmware update

Hi, when I try update the Firmware in my Focal & Naim app, it takes me to this forum. Also now, when I try to connect Bluetooth on Naim, I get a little headphone icon on the top right of my iPad and nothing comes out of the Naim Uniti

What exactly are you trying to update the firmware on?

Does your SuperUnity download firmware OTA via the app or do you need to download it and update manually?

If this is for your SuperUniti updates are available via the mini-USB on the back. You need to follow the instructions on the Naim Customer support pages on their main web page.
I’m not sure SuperUniti’s had bluetooth? Just can’t remember …

Late production SuperUnitis had Bluetooth. The firmware updates are available via the link “Software Updates” at the very bottom of the Naim Audio home page, or follow this link:

You have to scroll down that page a bit to get to the SuperUniti etc

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