First Naim Purchase


I finally bought my first Naim, a Nait XS2 to replace an FMJ A18.

I unwrapped it to learn about the naim speaker connections :sob:

The FMJ is connected via 2.5mm2 van damme blue cable approx length 12m to klipsh rp-150m.

I used some diy nakamichi banana plugs at either end. Is it ok?


Don’t have much to add on the actual question… sowwy.

But had to comment as I saw you are cursed with cats too. No wonder you chose a turntable with a properly hinged dust cover!!!

Your Van Damme cable will be fine. If you want a perfect match for your amplifier, I would use Naim’s NACA5 cable with the Naim banana plugs that are supplied with the amp, but the cables you already have will work well.

Do you mean purrrrfect?

So cable is fine and my diy plugs are ok?

Cycle fan I see.

Yes. 12m in naca5 can be expensive, your cables are appropriate for the xs amp.

Pip says - don’t be a cheapskate, get some NACA5!

Naim amps are, by design, sensitive to the type and length of speaker cable used. The safest bet is to use Naim cable and plugs, as they are designed to be a good match, so you could try them if you like. Still, the Van Damme cables you mentioned will be fine. If they sound good to you, there’s no need to change.


Cursed with cats?

Never sir, never I say


Haha having two myself it was a term of endearment after cleaning hair off of everything for 11 years :sweat_smile:

Great. Thanks all.

Yes, into cycling when work permits now.

The dust cover comes off the p1 when in use, don’t worry :slight_smile: need an upgrade!

Price isn’t an issue for the cables, although I checked ant it would be near £500 :scream::scream: but the route to run it would be. See below pics.

Uploading: 467F44C0-36FB-4177-9167-38623413E1C8.jpeg… Uploading: 0F385DFB-D83F-4EBC-94B3-01D32B9BDF1C.jpeg…

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I got her working and I like it very much. Even with my meagre rp-150m’s. I can’t believe how loud it would go!

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