First Naim System Warmup?

@Bjm loud is a problem. My husband and the neighbors complain.

Absolutely true IME. My own Klipsch Forte III’s continued to improve for several months from first use. It used to be said by some people that the Linn Kans could take several years of use before they really sounded at their best!


There is an old trick of placing both speakers face to face and very close together. They tend to cancel each other out and can therefore be played louder. You only need to play loud for very short spells to speed up the run in. Of course, you don’t need to play loudly at all - run in will just take a bit longer.

Remember though, run in is just the speakers getting to their best - they will still sound great straight away assuming the placing is done carefully and of course that they are a good match with the rest of your system, which does seem to be the case.

Your neighbours are very important though so I agree do not upset them. Also, domestic harmony is very important. A capable system should sound good at very low levels.

I also listen at relatively low level most of the time.

@Guinnless Dealer recommended when I purchased the system. Standard Naim cables sounded overly warm and rolled off.during 5 weeks of use. The Shawline arrived 5 weeks later as they were back ordered from the distributor. On balance I find the Chord more to my liking. My speaker cable from my previous Rega system is also Chord.

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Perhaps the music itself is the problem… And not the system.

As others have said, trying playing a known good LP or CD. Rather than Streaming.

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Really? Streaming (done properly) is not inferior, despite what some may say…

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Just trying to reduce the number of variables, for the OP. Not commenting on quality (*).

Trying To Help… :slightly_smiling_face:

(* - when Streaming, can you be sure you are listening to the same recording, each time…? Might the different Streaming sources, actually be… different…? This potential variation does not exist for your own LP or CD.)

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@PerF i had a Rega Saturn in my previous Rega system. It malfunctioned twice. It gave up the Ghost during home renovation. Could not be repaired. Also when it worked, we found it very difficult to operate because of our vision and its poorly executed LCD panel. The CD6si is much easier for us to use.

I suspect in time the OP will ditch the CD5 & focus on ND5 (or better)
That way the reducion in CD storage space is most noticable, especially so for SO.
Sreaming for me is NAS, www streaming is - like you say - is just too variable

The best way to deal with variables ’from the outset’ is to stick with the Naim supplied & recommended cabling. Surely.


Indeed. Think I posted that somewhere on this thread before… :thinking:

YMMV, as this is the Interwebzzzzzz… :crazy_face:

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Ah - Cognitive Dissonance.

That too…

“Oh what a twisted web we weave…” - W Shakebones, a local writer of some repute

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In order to do this you should also connect the speakers out of phase, so that the opposing drivers push and pull each other as they move.


Waste of time. How can you enjoy the music this way? Are things really that impatient? :rofl:


You really don’t need to do anything other than just listen to music. Forget about whether the phenomenon of burn-in is real or just psychological. It doesn’t matter one hoot. Because the end result will be exactly the same no matter what you believe.


My bit of advice here, learned from Naim in their manual (read it!) - use their supplied interconnect cables - NAC A5 made up at their recommended and of equal lengths, terminated by a very reputable and well seasoned dealership. Play some music. Enjoy.


I agree, 100%. But…

Reading The Manual is so …last century…
And then following the recommendations…?
Nooo… :anguished:

Unfortunately, the modern norm is to do neither of these. And then when things don’t go quite right, just post on the Interwebzzz…

I wish this was not true. But there are posts daily on here, suggesting that it is.




Yup. I’m happy with my system, i have followed Naim’s advice. Things (especially a stereo :rofl:) should not be so difficult. If it were than this is the end, maybe ‘all in one’ is the new separates :thinking:

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I have all Naim cabling - interconnects, SNAIC’s Burndy, NAC A5.
Sad. Not On Message…

The only other cables I have owned/used, were Chord (several I still own, but not currently in use) and Flashback (an attenuated CD interconect - now long sold on).

Why are you doing it, if its not fun…??? (*)

(* - applies way beyond just HiFi)

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