First Naim System Warmup?

I think the idea is that you can turn it up quite loud to get the drivers really moving but the out of phase cancellation keeps the loudness tolerable if leaving on for long periods - at least that’s my take on it anyway

….Or ‘all in one’s’ trying to go separate :rofl::joy: Wait…:flushed:

Several suggestions for standard Naim cable including NACA5. Thanks but I will stick with Chord. NACA5 won’t work in this installation. Lots of corners that require more flexible cable. I also think I should forget warmup as I am totally becoming divorced from the music? Which is the original purpose. Based on what people are saying, things will eventually stabilize. At least I hope.

So you choose to ignore Naim’s advice. Nothing wrong in that. Your system, your choice. Enjoy :+1:


Of course - sorry I forgot to mention that very important matter. Thanks @ChrisSU .

Yes, just enjoy your music.

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Yes, but they are not? Maybe? What about burn-in? Oh… (put thread on Forum), could be? There’s your variables right there…:relieved:

I bet the majority of Naim owners don’t use Naim speaker cable, and there is no earthly reason why you need to. I’d repeat my suggestion above; just enjoy your music. The system will be run in by now and any variation will be down to your mood or simply doubts over whether everything is as it should be. Work stress, money worries, the crazy goings on around the world, concerns about one’s health. No wonder the stereo doesn’t always sound great.


This is what Naim say in the SN3 manual:

Loudspeaker cables are vitally important. They should each be at least 3.5 metres long and of equal length. The recommended maximum is normally 20 metres although longer cables may be viable with some Naim amplifiers.

Some Naim amplifiers are designed only to work with Naim loudspeaker cable and using alternatives may degrade the performance or even damage the amplifier. Other Naim amplifiers can be used with any high quality loudspeaker cable although we recommend that Naim loudspeaker cable is used.

Naim really need to rewrite the advise on speaker cable, its cobbled together from previous bits and pieces.
The 3.5m recommendation only applies to NACA5 (and A4) And as most other cables have less inductance per metre than NACA5, they will need to be proportionally longer to achieve the same minimum recommended inductance load.
The only rule that I believe is relivant and the one that I follow is “Naim amplifiers can be used with any high quality loudspeaker cable” thats why I use Chord.
NB: they also say “although we recommend that Naim loudspeaker cable is used” as they should with their own branded cable.

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The only rule to know is to have as relevant of have equal lengths of NAC A5, soldered that’s got flares out, buy a guy that really knows their onions. It’s that simple.

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How so?

What you believe is clearly up to you.

I believe what the manual states unless the manufacturer advises otherwise.
The guidance seems pretty clear and unambiguous to me.

What leads you to believe that it is wrong?

The curious trend to use non-Naim speaker cables that seems too have developed here, is, as far as I can tell, not a result of any specific recommendation from Naim. Nor from any other reliable source.

The SN3 manual states that the use of NACA5 is essential with some Naim amps. It also States that some Naim amps can be used with any high quality speaker cable but that the use of NACA5 is recommended.

It is odd that some people interpret this as meaning that one can use any speaker cable with any Naim amp. Or that the sound or music will not be degraded by using non-Naim speaker cable.

If that is indeed the case then it means that Naim are misleading their customers via incorrect information printed in its user manuals. I find it difficult to believe that they would do that. But some people clearly believe that this is the case.

Makes no difference to me personally as I no longer use Naim amplification. But if I was using it then I would be seeking firm guidance from the horses mouth. There seems little evidence that that has happened here. It seems more a case of ‘follow the herd’.

@anon55098131 in the ideal world, without constraints, I would probably have used Naim cables and NACA5. However, I needed to get around several corners, which necessitated more flexibility than NACA. I also believe that speaker cable and interconnect cable should be at least brand matched.

My speaker cable is also Chord, but it is old and the writing is long gone. I only know that it is white. I wonder what it is.

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I would guess one of their more budget - lower mid-price offerings. The more costly ones are not white - except for the very high-end ones.

I think this is largely a fallacy. But they are often, but not always, best matched in terms of what they do performance wise so that they are not pulling in different directions. It’s all very system dependant.

Read the cable advise from different manuals, its cut & paste & the end result is not much sense & badly witten
Whats wrong? Read my post, its quite clear to me…

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@anon55098131 thanks. Eventually I might upgrade the interconnect and speaker cables. But that might prove to be costly. I spent more for the system than I had originally planned but not so much so. If I upgrade my system, I may get more improvement from upgrading the ND5XS2 to the next level of Naim streamer then I would changing cable. For the next year I will probably keep things as is.

As I said above it makes no difference to me personally as I don’t use Naim amps. But if I did I would definitely want firm guidance from the horse’s mouth. What we have here is just hearsay and ‘follow the herd’ mentality. What is needed is firm unequivocal guidance from the people who make the stuff.

Without a doubt yes. Cables can make a significant difference for sure, but upgrading a box will certainly be the biggest bang for your buck.

Hi, if your cables are Chord (even if old) you can safely use them with your SN3, anything from 1.5-2m length will work fine. This has been confirmed by Naim staff. Chord cables sound very good with Naim and many here use them for a reason, me included.
The Naim manual is indeed confusing and needs updating which is probably coming. All the best.