First time Naim user needing help

There are obviously many views about how worthwhile getting kit serviced is. As well as lots of people on here who like buying used kit, and recommend buying units with service history… who’s everyone expecting to take the hit and get all this kit serviced though?!

I’ve bought new Naim gear - my XS3. I’ve bought second hand Naim gear, my NAIT3, CD5 and UnitiQute 1. I happily had my NAIT3 serviced for the price that used units went for. At the time I wasn’t looking to replace it and thought the expenditure well worth it. It sounded great afterwards and I ran it for a few years before trading in against my XS3. I also happily had my UQ1 serviced for more than I paid for it! It was returned with new streaming board, new display and the usual capacitor replacements. It’s now good for 10 years I reckon, and is a lovely piece of equipment.

Getting kit serviced also puts a bit of business Naim’s way (or Class A Audio’s). I do get that the service bill for the OP’s kit might add up to a fair chunk of cash, but there’s always a discussion with a dealer to be had before the costs are finalised. The equipment doesn’t owe the OP anything at this point either.

And sentiment can easily apply to this stuff. I just sold a turntable that I worked through 6th form to afford - 30 odd years ago. Every time I played records on it I felt a sense of that time in my life, plus all the hard work it took to afford the thing. I bought its replacement a year ago and it took that long for me to finally put my old TT on eBay.

If there’s anywhere on the internet to discuss the sensitive treatment of old Naim gear, how to keep it running, and perhaps allow a bit of sentiment for the old boxes that led the way for all the shiny new stuff, and likely still sound great, isn’t it here?

I’m afraid I don’t have much practical advice for the OP other than moral support* for their decisions if they choose to keep this kit. I’ve spent decent money having Naim boxes serviced and do not regret it.

*FWIW they have my support in any decision they take! Just wanted to add a view for keeping hold of the 42/110 :peace_symbol:


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