First time Naim user needing help

Hi all,

My wife and I inherited my father-in-laws Naim music system. The units have been in our loft for over 10 years and I would like to now set these up for my wife. Unfortunately, we have no idea how or what connecters are needed.
The set contains a NAP 110, SNAPS and NAC 42 that was used with his record player (Linn Sonder).
Would anyone be able to advise what cables are needed to set these up? Which unit plugs into what? What connectors are need in the NAP 110 for the speakers.

It would be a great help if you can be specific with the names of the connectors etc… so I can ensure I purchase the right cables.

Many thanks in advance.

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Welcome Leo1982.

To connect the NAC42, SNAPS and NAP110 together you will need a pair of SNAIC4 cables. Be sure to only use genuine SNAICs here. One SNAIC connects between the NAC42 and the SNAPS, and the other from the SNAPS to the NAP110. The SNAPS provides power to the NAC42 and also takes signal from the NAC42 through two the NAP110.

To connect to the speakers you’ll need suitable speaker cable (NACA4/NACA5 recommended) fitted with 4mm banana plugs. I would recommend Naim’s SA8 plugs which can be fitted by a Naim dealer. You’ll need at least 3.5m per channel of the speaker cable.

Take a look at the FAQ section here which tells you a lot more about speaker cable recommendations, identifying SNAICs etc…

Do note that the capacitors may be past their best and may be in need of servicing. If you’re in the UK then you have the choice of the factory or the factory approved services of Class A, which can work out to be more affordable.


I would ask a local dealer but you dont say where you are.


Thanks for the reply and FAQ posts, these are really helpful.
I had approached a local (high-end) audio shop, however, they are a bit guarded in telling me exactly what I needed and quoted me over £400 for two cables. While I know naim is really good, they are a bit out of my price range, so I’ll have to settle for some alternatives. But what you have given me will help massively! If I can get the system up and running before Christmas, I hope it will make the day a little more special.

I am in the UK. Will now need to browse online to find what I need.

Thanks agin.

No problem. Genuine Naim SNAICs can usually be found secondhand for about £50-75 each in the usual places


Im sure that in addition to servicing the Naim equipment, the Linn turntable will need to be serviced by a dealer too, though you should be able to source a new belt inexpensively as a start.

Hi and welcome. I can’t help with your legacy stuff but rest assured once up and running it will sound good. Enjoy your music.

I forgot to mention. I need a replacement knob for the NAC 42. It’s completely missing. (I’m starting to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!). Any recommendation where I can get another?
Thanks (again). This forum is a saviour.


IIRC, Naim’s stocks of the “tractor wheel” knobs have finally been exhausted, so it’s a case of ringing around some Naim dealers or, more likely, keeping an eye out on auction sites for one to crop up. They do show up for sale from time to time, but do also tend to sell for quite a bit of money. You may also come across some 3D printed versions. They would do at a pinch but I haven’t seen any yet that would fool me into thinking they were original.


I have bought them (genuine, Black SNAIC’s) for as little as £37-00, in the UK… :astonished:

I did pay £54-00 for one (got 2, trying to buy 1, on eBay…) - but I sold it on… for £75-00… :snake:

You could also call Darren at “Class A” in Sheffield in case he has any spares. He is an authorised Naim Service person, who may well service your units as well should you really get on with them and want to squeeze a little more sound quality from them

I wondered if I had stumbled onto the wrong site, when I read that “I need a replacement knob”!


I’d not even dare to turn such old kit on, before a service.
Mind you its 45+ years old.
With no service ever done by the father in law thats is.

This aside its lovely kit you got there.
I’d make sure to have a new stylus on the turntable and let someone skilled to adjust it, LP12 is not plug and play.

As for Snaic and other cables, look for s/h as they are expensive new.
Naim A5 as recommended above is a very stiff unhandy cable, Naim A4 or Linn K20 is more flexible and from amp vintage.

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If you over use it, it will fall off :wink:

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If that’s so, it’s great that you can go to a shop and buy a new one!

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“(I’m starting to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!)”

Leo don’t be put off!. Naim world can feel rather daunting and confusing. Stick with it and there are plenty of people on here that will happily guide you. You have some lovely Chrome Bumper (CB) kit there and it will be worth it to get it up and running.

I concur with what others have advised, namely getting everything serviced and acquiring the correct cables. There are loads of cheap ones available online but really I wouldn’t touch them, they are cheap for a reason! Oh yes, if it hasn’t been mentioned, the leads are directional, there will be a marker at one end to identify this.

The big thing for me is the musicality of Naim, you just get involved with the music. I catch myself on all the time behaving like some sort of nutty conductor/air musician as I react to the beat! :notes: :musical_note:


Greetings Leo! The good news is that you have some hi fi hardware there that is capable of bringing much musical enjoyment into your home. And it may be a delight to think about how much musical enjoyment it brought to your father in law back in the day. A great opportunity.

And I will echo what others wrote. There are internal components that can and will degrade with age. Think of vintage Naim gear a bit more like a vintage Porsche. You want it looked over after it sat in the loft, before you just start it up and hit the gas.

The good news is that there are quite a few very competent shops in the UK who can look it over and advise. Some mentioned in this thread already. If you truly want to enjoy this in your home, invest a little time and money have it inspected and united with the right cables. When you go to the right shop they’ll enjoy teaching you about what you have! And ensure that when you do ‘turn it on’ at home that it’s both safe and performing as intended.


Leo, don’t forget about the LP12, they are a great turntable and work great with Naim. However they do need a lot of TLC too! Take it to a knowledgeable dealer, obviously preferably a Linn dealer, to give it a service and a good look over. Don’t just throw it in the car, it will need to be appropriately packaged to keep it stable! Hopefully you still have the original box.

As Bart said, a good dealer will teach you all about it, also you can get a lot of good advice here too. I am lucky with a brilliant Linn / Naim dealer close by and every time I pop in or call them I learn something new!

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I know it was your dad’s system, but I do wonder if getting it all going is really worth it. The 110 and snaps need a service. £400. You need a couple of Snaics. Say £120 used if you are lucky. You need a new plastic knob, and the likelihood of getting one is small. You can get a Nait 5si on eBay for £600 and it won’t need servicing, has a remote, and sounds great. That’s what I’d do, and put your dad’s stuff on eBay. Use the money to offset the cost of the Nait, or give it to a charity that meant a lot to him.

The 42, snaps and 110 was my first Naim system back in 1983. It was lovely, but it’s only electronics and not worth getting sentimental about.

Well I think that you definitely should keep it and get it up and running so your wife can remember her dad enjoying his music through it. Maybe make it a longer term project rather than trying to get it up and running for Christmas.

As for the Sondek, be sure you fully understand how to make sure the main bearing is properly prepared for transport and the arm counterweight is also removed, otherwise you risk damaging bearings. Ask for more info if you need it!

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