Fitting NA522 to Nait3

Hi all

I need some help with respect to fitting NA522 mm phono boards to a nait 3.

The boards I purchased came without any instructions. I fitted the boards so all the pins are socketed correctly and the white pin clicked in place. without anything connected I get a pulsing sound oscillating between the L and R channels.

I have no idea whats causing this. Can anyone help? I have noticed on the main board there are some wires that look suspiciously like the sort of thing that either needs cutting or breaking depending on the set up. If so doea anyone know…should I cut these?

cheers for any help


Welcome Nick. It sounds like you didn’t cut the links on the main board before fitting the phono boards. These need to be cut otherwise you get “motor boating” noise. Lots of threads on this.

Cut the two wire links marked with X’s and part the wires slightly.


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