Fitting NA522

Hello as was suggested here I purchased some new 522 phono boards it seemed an easy enough job and the boards are handed so I think I have fitted them correctly I made sure the connectors underneath located correctly…however upon connecting the 92 up I heard a low pulsing poping coming from my speakers much loader when I pressed the aux input… everything was working fine prior to fitting these and the boards are brand new ! I did notice one thing however if you check the image the boards have NT and NB on stickers on them the T and B printed on my board is actually opposite not sure this makes a difference as the boards can only be fitted one way …anyway any help much appreciated?.

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Were the links intact on the main board before you fitted the daughter boards? If daughter boards have never been fitted before then the links need to be cut otherwise you get motorboating. The links are right under where the daughter boards go.


The 92 has never had boards fitted ! So yes the links are intact I have now removed the boards so enclose an image without the boards !! Which links do I need to cut do you mean the 2 silver wire strands near the outer connectors? image|375x500

They’re the wire links about a couple of cms long on the outer edges next to the tracks coming from the RCA Phonos. Cut and separate.

Thanks Richard I actually found a previous post where it was explained plus an image …that post did talk about shielding though I bought the NA 522 from tomtom and there was only the boards in the box so I assume that shielding only applies to MC boards ?

Yes, shielding is only something you may need if you fit NA523 MC boards.

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