Fitting Rega Aura on Fraim shelf

I’d appreciate some tips please from Rega Aura and Fraim owners.

I have a Rega Aura on demo which I’m liking so far. However, I’m struggling to make the Aura fit on the Fraim glass shelf without squashing the interconnects at the back. The Aura is deep but just about fits on the Fraim glass shelf.

The issue is that the unbalanced RCA output sockets directly line up with the rear Fraim leg so the interconnects are forced to go to one side of the rear leg. To allow the interconnects enough clearance at the back, I have to pull the Aura forward so it overhangs on the glass which doesn’t look great.

All suggestions welcome (@Dunc ?)

Don’t have a REGA aura, but do have the same issue with LP12 into Radikal

Linn offer 90 degree connectors into rakidal for that exact reason, may be Rega offer the same?

A few things you can try, first off i take it your RCA plugs are quite long? If so you could turn the rear leg around so that it now has the smaller profile facing the front.
Or if you get different RCA’S then you will be fine, i use the morgana RCA’S to din, these fit ok with the fraim in standard make up, tight but it works.
I can take a pic if you need one off the back of the aura.
Also there is already a few pics of my reversed rear leg, as i needed to do this for my dCS clock to fit

By the way the aura is fantastic and so easy to live with going forward

Thanks both.

@Antz - I hadn’t thought of 90 degree connectors, sounds like a good option. I’m not sure if Rega offer them but I can check.

@Dunc - I haven’t settled yet on the interconnect for the Aura. I’m borrowing an RCA-RCA Chord Signature Tuned Aray to try out from my dealer. These have moulded RCA connectors so can’t be removed. If I decide to go with these I’ll try reversing the rear leg as suggested.

For the best SQ I prefer to use RCA-DIN for the Aura/552 rather than RCA-RCA. I have a Chord Chrysalis RCA-DIN which is basic and fits ok as the RCA plugs are smaller. I have tried the Witch Hat Morgana RCA-DIN on my DAC but it didn’t work for me so returned it.

I’m enjoying the Aura so far. It works well with the P10/Apheta 3 so I may end up going with it. Just need to get the interconnect sorted…

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You could also just try twisting the rear leg a bit to allow more clearance, as that should work fine looking at mine

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Two of my rear legs are at 90 degrees to the normal position on my fraim
This gives the shelves extra clearance at the rear

At one time I did consider substituting an aluminium tube in place of the extrusion
This would have greatly increased the clearance …but I didn’t need to do this in the end

I’m not a fan of the fraim !
It sometimes doesn’t even fit Naim gear
Poor design for the cost me thinks

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Thanks for the tip.

I’ve also rotated two of the rear legs at 90 degrees now to give better clearance. All cables are now not touching and hanging freely.

I agree the design of the rear legs isn’t great - an opportunity there for Naim to provide a narrow leg version for better cable management :thinking:

I have also used a spare front leg on the rear, that works well.
Also a piece of 28mm copper pipe fits exactly over the naim machined bts.
I have documented it all on here in a few threads, with pics etc

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Perhaps an opportunity exists to produce (hugely expensive) custom made alloy rear legs for fraim?

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Lol, think I’ll leave as is with the rotated rear leg. Or as @Dunc suggests, use a spare front leg or get a 28mm copper pipe - much cheaper :+1:t3:

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