Fixed volume with Naim app

I just recently fired my Atom back up for my wife to use, a great device for the wife because it’s so easy to use. She uses airplay and sometimes forgets about the volume level when first starting it, if I fix the volume level on the Naim App to a lower level does that affect the sound quality?..I don’t want to hurt the new bookshelf speakers we just received…

It shouldn’t; just try it and see.

The sound level will not affect the sound quality. However, it is a general perception that louder music sounds ‘better’. If you set the level such that it is not at ear damage levels it will not cause any damage to your speakers either. Just enjoy.

The question is about setting the maximum volume, which is done via the app, rather than fixing it per se. At least, that’s how I understand it.

I set the fixed volume on the app to 50, hopefully it won’t affect the high quality sound…thanks for the help

So HH’s interpretation of your question is the correct one? You are setting your Maximum level to 50 to protect your speakers? Then if your wife wants to listen at a higher volume she has to use the app to change the max volume. What a hassle! I have my max level set to 100: if I paid for the extra volume I want to have it available at any time. However, it is necessary to be a little careful if you use headphones as a full blast at 100, when switching from speakers could cause hearing damage.

You can set the a different maximum volume for speakers and headphones.

Some times when she starts a song for the first time she doesn’t look and see where the volume is set at and the first song blasts her…and airplay is unpredictable some times…I didn’t want to loose song quality by lower the fixed volume….

You won’t lose any sound quality. Fix it where you like. 50% is totally fine.

Thanks everyone, the Naim family is a good place to be…

I have my volume set to 70 percent in my qb for the exact same reason. If anyone regularly runs the volume of anything at 100 percent I would be worried about there health.
I should do something similar on my 332 since the volume control is the same as the qb, but since this cannot be done in the app you need sight to do it. But having my 350s banging out on 100 percent would not be a nice experience.