Flac streams

Does anyone have the link to Flac versions of the following internet stations.
PureClassix radio
Hi on line Jazz
Both are in Netherland. I have the 320kbs streams but could not find the Flac versions.

Thank you

I’m new to the concept of flac quality internet stations. Does Vtuner through Naim stream any of these stations? How does one play through if not?

Look in the iRadio input and you’ll see a selection of stations listed in the ‘HiDef’ section, many of which are FLAC.

Anything not listed there could be added to vTuner manually in the usual way.

I didn’t have time to do this earlier but the links are not correct. Hi online radio is already on Naim Hd list. However the Jazz station is different and in MP3 only.
Perhaps there is no Flac version.
PureClassix radio is not the same station. The regular MP3 version is available on Naim list and you can compare. Again, maybe there is no Flac.

Still appreciate the effort.

I have contacted Paul Hattink the owner of Hi On Line Radio,via WhatsApp about this.He says that the rest of Hi On Line Radio channels can be received via Tuneln radio,and not in flac.

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