Flac to mp3 for car

please can anyone point me towards easy free mac software to convert flac to mp3
thank you!

Give this a try

XLD is free and works on OSX.

Not clear what you’re using to play music in the car, but my iPod Classic is hooked into the media player in my Audi, and it handles WAV rips just fine.

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For my car, I use high quality rips in itune, put them into my iPhone and go from there.

I use this and it works fine: www.mediahuman.com/audio-converter/

Another vote for XLD, it also has batch convert to make life easy.

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And another for XLD. I would say that is (for me) just about the most important app to add to any Mac whether for batch converting to a flash drive or importing to a NAS or iTunes.

I use Flacsquisher - free and simple to use

Audi MMS won’t play FLAC tho

My Audi plays FLAC just fine

Mine is 4 years old now - presumably they have updated their software. I can Bluetooth from my phone but this means using the phone software and obviously I avoid doing this whilst driving. I have MP3s stored on an SD card and play these using the Audi software.

Its actually a BMW with Idrive. Never had an Audi - though the Reading Audi dealership in Reading gave out free Danish pastries and the lady on reception was stunning when I visited once

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