Flare Audio Calmer In-Ear Device


I’ve been suffering from mild tinnitus for a few years now (noisy work environment) and have been reading a lot about causes, symptoms and possibly remedies.

The companies sales pitch is reducing in-ear distortion and making all listening a ‘calmer’ experience.

There has been a little bit of growing evidence that the product may also help some tinnitus sufferers. This I why I bought the little plugs to give them a whirl.

At the mo I don’t think they’re making any difference to my tinnitus. The company are asking customers like me to try and understand how they maybe helping some and not others. They are pleased and curious as to why.

But their main selling point is Audio Quality once in the ear canal. As with any change to a listening chain (kit, room, position etc) putting them in makes a difference. It’s subtle, mild and I quite like it. My low-fi listening via iOS and Bose Quietcomfort 2’s has been a bit of a revelation. A great improvement. Hi-fi listening has been positive but to a lesser degree. That quiet, blacker nothing we often crave for in hi-fi is certainly improved with the plugs in.

Has anyone had any experience of these little in-ear fellas? At 20 quid, there is not a lot to lose. And the company will refund if they are not to your taste.

We talk so much about spending thousands on the music chain; maybe sometimes, do we forget our biology? I think the companies science is sound (links to Southampton Uni) so would be interested in any thoughts or feedback.

Cheers everyone.

I took a punt on these Flare Audio calmer in ear pieces. As you say, for £20 there’s not much to lose.

I’ve had tinnitus for years now which sounds like ringing mainly in the left ear. It hasn’t really intefered too much but lately it’s been getting worse.

Ever since I changed my speakers (and had my ears syringed) I’ve found my hearing to be very sensitive to bright sounds when listening to music, particularly piano and female vocals.

The calmer ear inserts do help to a degree, as they filter some of the top register but then at the cost of losing some detail in the frequencies. I’ve stopped using them for now as I don’t like the filtering effect - it feels crazy to put inserts in my ears to filter out stuff in order to enjoy music!

I don’t have tinnitus but I was curious to try these for the audio quality. Maybe I am not trying them for long enough but everything just sounds dull and with no ‘air’ with them in. I haven’t given up on them yet and will give them another go.

I have a similar reaction to the Focal Clear headphones. People rave about how wonderful they are and I hear orchestral strings sounding dull and nothing much like they sound in a concert hall. The top end sparkle and ‘air’ is missing in both cases. Perhaps I have just gotten used to the ‘distortion’ Flare talk about and think it’s natural when it isn’t.

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Same here with the tinnitus. Had some Flare plugs for gig going. What they did there was excellent but the product kept breaking so I’ve gone back to actual ear plugs.

Yes I bought them recently. I have constant tinnitus like a high pitch hissing sound, I can hear it when listening to music with headphones. Unfortunately the In Ear Device did not help at all. Maybe they work for some people. Like you say not an expensive experiment.

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