Flash remote malfunction

My remote flash is not working anymore properly.
When I push volume down it goes down up to 0… hopefully this is not the other way…

Any way to get this fixed or this is dead?
sounds like I can not open it to fix this if possible.

Can you explain another way.

When you say ‘goes down up to 0’ what do you mean?

When my volume stuck (on the Flash), I took the batteries out and left overnight, used new batteries and it was OK. There’s a capacitor in the Flash which can behave erratically with age and needs a re-boot every now and again.

I would echo HL’s post here; Remove the old batteries. Leave the Flash alone for a while to allow the cap to fully discharge. Then fit new batteries, making sure that when you go to fit the last one, you get it to snap in cleanly. Failure to do the latter can partially charge the cap and either lock up the remote so it appears dead, or give strange behaviour. If it does happen (Not unusual as the battery compartment is very tight) repeat the above - remove batteries, leave for 10 minutes or so to allow cap to fully discharge, etc…

ok, will try that.
Thank you !

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