Flatcap 2 vs. Flatcap XS on CD5 XS

Is there much of a difference, assuming they have both been serviced? All else equal I’d rather get the Flatcap XS so the brushed fasciae matches the CD5 XS, but a mint looking Flatcap 2 is available at a bargain price.


Looking at your system profile I see you’ve a couple of Chord DACs. Would you be using the analog output of the CD5XS into an amp or the digital output into one of your DACs? If the latter, then adding a PS will make at most a negligible difference to the sound.

Adding an nDAC to my CD5XS and using it as transport was a much more significant upgrade than adding a FlatCap.



Thanks Roger. I am considering using it without a DAC in a third system. Interesting that you found an nDAC made a bigger difference. I would be willing to spend more to put a DAC on it instead of a Flatcap.

That’s the way I would go.


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The FC2 was contemporaneous with the CD5 and Nait 5. The 22 V output typically went on the CD5 and the 24 V output went on the Nait 5, or NAC112.

The FCXS was contemporaneous with the CD5 XS and Nait XS. It had two 24 V outputs either of which could go on the CD5 XS or Nait XS, or NAC152XS.


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