Flatcap 2X connection

Hi everyone

I am a new comer here

Would like to seek advise from you guys with the naim connection

Now my set up is nait 3 + cd5 , and I would like to add a flatcap 2x to both of them , is it possible ?

I heard from some of you nait 3 is not able supply from flatcap 2x …


The NAIT 3 would need additional socketry added and I’m not sure that’s possible these days. A NAIT 5 though, no problem, and also no problem with a CD5.

Hi Richard

Thanks for you reply !

If I try adding a socket , will it possible to cause demage to my nait 3 ?


I don’t know if the kits are still available or whether the factory still offer the conversion. Certainly it’s not a DIY job.

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