Flatcap XS problem

Hi all,

I just bought a used Flatcap XS. When i open the case, i noted that the power supply inside stated Flatcap 2x.

I would like to check with you guys, is it normal?

Thx all

@NeilS will be able to say for sure. It seems that the likely answer is simply that the stickers on the transformer haven’t been changed by the supplier over the years. Most people don’t take the boxes apart to see what’s inside!

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AFAIK they used the same transformer - i.e. it wasn’t changed when FC2x became FC2xs.

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Thx Richard ! again !

As per answers above.


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You don’t get much in that box do you?
Not ( currently) having a Naim device that can take an external PS, I’m always a bit confused as to what PS goes with what.

I’m assuming this powers something that does not have its own built in PS?

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It can do more than that but the xs series is where it’s optimised. You could run a 282 of one if you’ve a need to and a superline from AUX2 of that, this I know from experience, albeit with a FC2x.

Actually, it can - it was often communicated as an upgrade path for the Nait XS.

The problem was not the integrated in that question, but the ND5XS. The Nait XS can be powered by it.

It can’t power power both. But it can provide dedicated power to the pre-amp section of the NAIT XS2.

It can’t power an ND5XS at all! :smile:


Oh come on man, where is your hair shirt!!?

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I’m not sure what this means here. Wrong thread?

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