That’s true, Chris, but I see you could only power one item, unless I’ve got that wrong.

Hi James. No, I’m not. Its analogue (DIN) output is connected to the SN3.

This is so the NDX 2’s digital out is freed up for recording purposes, e.g. from BBC Radio 3, Qobuz, etc.

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All Naim power supplies can power only one item. The exception is the Flatcap in some cases.

Ok, cheers

You haven’t got it wrong. We were talking about supplies that could power your nDAC. So I’m not sure where the curveball of power supply to power two Naim items came from.

The easiest way to get the help and advice you seek (if you haven’t already) is probably to publish your system details in your profile, then use this thread to say which items you are hoping to power with a power supply.

Hi Chris. I’m probably responsible for the curved ball! It was only that I’d noticed that the Flatcap could power two devices. The original plan was to get one to power the CD5XS, which it seems would have made an improvement had the CD player not been connected to the NDac.

So, an XP5XS would be a worthwhile addition to the NDac? The challenge is to find one at a palatable price.

Thanks everyone for all your help and advice.

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When I was speculating about the cheapest way to get into NDS ownership there didn’t seem all that much difference in cost between the first classic range, but non DR XPS and the XP5XS. In the UK they both seem to be about the £1k point. Might be worth keeping an eye out for both as a bit of flexibility?

Yes, I check eBay and elsewhere regularly. Still contemplating whether to hang fire on a power supply, save the pennies and go for a pre-loved NAP250DR. 200DRs can be had for around £1k less, but I gather from what I’ve read that the 250 is significantly better.

If I went down the power amp route, that would benefit my entire system, which Naim wise currently consists of the SN3, NDX 2, CD5XS and nDac.


Hi Dutus - Have you tried the CD5XS digital out into the NDX2 ? I’m just wondering whether this could be a better solution to go this way and add a XPS or 555PS to the NDX2, rather than putting this on the Naim DAC.

This could free up more funds to upgrade the amp ?

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If you invest in a 555PSDR don’t discount keeping the nDAC.

NDX2 digital out into an nDAC/555PSDR is a wonderful combination.

Certainly worth comparing to NDX2/555PSDR.

Indeed, but Dutus already mentioned further up the thread that the NDX2 digital output is used for other purposes, hence my suggestion around upgrading the NDX2 PS and using the CD5XS into the NDX2 instead.

If you’re thinking about an amp unpgrade, getting a 282 and using the SN3 as a power amp might be the better way to go? Although this would need a power supply for the 282…

You can power a 282 from a SN3 used in power amp mode so no need for a separate PS (apart from the NAPSC that comes with the 282) to start with.

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The 282 doesn’t have a phono stage, which I use on my SN3, so you’d have to disconnect the 282 every time you wanted to listen to vinyl, presumably.

Anyway, the way this all going, I’m going to need a bigger rack! And get more friendly with my bank manager…

I can’t speak from personal experience, but XP5XS doesn’t seem to have garnered a huge amount of enthusiasm. Really if you’re going for a power supply, I think you need to bite the bullet and look for an XPS or even 555PS on the DAC. I used my CD5XS with nDAC/XPS for several years. It made a fine front end.


Hi Roger. Yes, I think you are right. Better to save the pennies and get something worthwhile that’s going to satisfy me.

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