FlatCap2 signal outs


supposing I am using a Stageline with Nait5/FlatCap2 and choose to power the Stageline from power out ‘B’ (at far right of the rear panel, as indicated in the manual) I guess I’d need a 4-pin, 240° to 5-pin 180° IC to go from signal out D to the Nait.
In this case I imagine that unlike in a HiCap where all signal outs are in parallel, signal out D of the FC must be separated from everything else bar ground, to avoid the Stageline’s signal being mixed with signal A out to the power amp.
Is this correct?
Another option is obviously to go from signal out, 4-pin 240° socket of the Stageline to the Nait, but in this case would there be any issues with grounds? Is this connection only recommended when using an I-Supply?

Thanks for clarifications.

Max, yes Signal out D applies to any signal input via Power out B and won’t mix with signals associated with Power out A. Taking signal out through the PS is still the preferred way to connect here.

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Thanks Richard, I thought so.

BTW, my mistake: in a HiCap all 4-pin, 240° signal outs are in series not in parallel.

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