Fleetwood Mac on BBC-4

Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird: Christine McVie
BBC-4 at 21:00 tonite - 20/09/19
(Sorry folks, its UK only).

Its all about Christine McVie. The program puts her at centre stage & she tells both her own story & Fleetwood Mac’s from her vantage point. Contributors include the new line up, Stevie, Mick, John plus Neil Finn & Mike Campbell

PS: Its an all Fleetwood Mac night
A program thats just started (@ 20:00)
Fleetwood Mac: A Musical History
Then after the Christine program, another prog starts at 22:30
Fleetwood Mac - Don’t Stop
This is looking back, starting from the lineup led by Peter Green all the way thru to the Lindsay Buckingham stuff


Perfect - that’ll be Christine Perfect.

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And a very enjoyable evening’s viewing it was too. I hadn’t quite appreciated the turmoil going on within the band when Rumours was made.

Indeed they’ve had their fair share of turmoil.
I first got to know them way way back in the Peter Green days, then after Peter moved on the band went off to places outside my interest. I went back to them a few years after “Rumours”, when they were in another of the turmoil periods, but whilst I really enjoy most of there music, I haven’t collected that much. I just didn’t like “Tusk”, can’t remember the last time it got played, I do like “Say You Will” but could it’ve been better with Christine in the lineup.

Good to see Chicken Shack back in the good ol’ days, somehow got to see them practically every week - or it seemed that way.


Interesting insight into Christine Mc, a lot of the footage is from the classic albums Rumours documentary which is well worth a watch. I have to say they did a great job rebuilding Stevies nose!

And those eyes did they blink at all. Great programme if only to hear the dry humour of Stan Webb.

I would have loved more on my favourite period 1970 to 1975 where Christine was the real star of the band.

Made me think whilst watching the programme did I prefer the cosmetically enhanced Stevie Nicks or the natural look of Christine McVie - probably the latter.

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