Floating or chassis

Probably been asked a million times…
If an NDX was connected to a 272, should either have the switch set to floating.

Apart from letting your ears decide, I’m guessing NDX to chassis and 272 to floating ?

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you’re connecting the NDX to the 272 via the analogue output (rather than using the NDX as a digital transport into the 272 via S/PDIF), then NDX set to chassis and 272 set to floating, is correct.

No other sources (Naim or otherwise) connected to the 272 ?

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Yes via analogue and thanks.

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No other source.

All good then :+1:

I have a cd5si connected to the 272 in analog, the rest in digital, it’s chassis or floating the best? I’ll test…

The CD player will carry the ground from the 272 via the DIN cable connection, so set the 272 to floating. There may or may not be an audible difference.

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