Floor protector discs

What are better floor discs for speaker spikes plastic or metal brass etc.

Metal generally. Quadraspire make some really priced ones


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Fraim chips work well.

They don’t make them any more!


I recall using 1p coins back in the day…

Although they didn’t really work :smile:


Oh! My local dealer told me Linn don’t do anymore so bought Quadraspire


Reason why I am asking I have my speaker spikes to the timber floor and they do sound good but the floor is getting damaged and because I bought ex demo I only got cheap plastic discs the original discs where not with the speakers sopra 2.

I have track audio floor protectors and they are great .


I use Quadraspire qx7. Not cheap but much easier to use under heavyweight floorstanders than smaller ones. Look better to me and some say they sound better, too.


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Herbie Audio cone/spike decoupling gliders.
Use them under my heavy Kudos Titans.
They protect the hardwood floor and slide easily so make moving these kudos brutes easy and safe.
Replaced Naim Chips with these.
Still use Chips under my Fraim

Have tried both the Quadraspire QX7 and the Track Audio and both offer their own version of acoustic insulation. When I was using Kudos Super 10’s on Track Audio stands, I preferred the Quadraspire. Now that I am using Neat Xplorer speakers, I use the Track Audio. Both are very effective on wood floors with perhaps the edge going to the Track Audio, they might offer better decoupling.

Hi thanks for reply the Quadraspire QX7 are very good their is not much of a difference sonically from the gaia.

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