Floor Standing Speaker Positioning

Would I be committing a cardinal sin by putting floor standing speakers in place of the bookshelves… given where the hifi cabinet is located?


I think it depends on which floor standers and where their drivers are located. If it has relatively low positioned drivers, they’ll be firing directly into the hi-fi cabinet which is not good.

Do you have a wider picture taken further back from the listening position?

I would agree, a two driver design would probably have the drivers at the same height. Maybe not a ported design that puts out bass close to floor level, though.

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It’s not really about cardinal sins, rather common sense. A speaker with a bass port near the floor will trap bass in the corner and could therefore be boomy. It would be far better to rearrange the room.

From memory you tried Kanta 2 a while ago and decided to stick with what you have, so maybe you already have the answer.

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