Florian Schneider RIP

Sadly Florian Schneider co founder of Kraftwerk has died after a short battle with cancer. RIP

He hadn’t been part of Kraftwerk since the early noughts but it’s desperately sad news.



He left in 2008.

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Legend. I saw Kraftwerk for the first time in Italy two years ago, and even though he wasn’t with them for the performance, his music was.

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Sad news …


We’re losing a lot of influential artists in recent months it seems. RIP.

One of the first singles I bought with my own money was Autobahn. It started a lifelong love of all things electronica. Another great musician lost this week. RIP

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Sad news when the ‘new’ generation moves on. What an important body of work to leave behind.


I wonder what computer heaven looks like?

Giving Computer World a spin, one can hardly find better examples of seminal sounds.


Mrs SinS told me about this evening… apparently died of cancer… a truly innovative musician that so many trance and EDM genres owe their existence to.

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I loved this from the Guardian obit: “Known for his enigmatic, somewhat faraway smile…”

Excellent, innovative musician who lead the way for a number of electronic bands.

Worth checking out the Schneider, Dinger, Rother version of Kraftwerk on YouTube. Not at all Autobahn

How sad - requiescat in pace, you dear man. Saw him with Kraftwerk live at the Manchester Apollo in 91. The robots malfunctioned but the humans worked fine.

Suggestions please for your favourite Schneider composer credit (did he have any solo composer credits?). I need a playlist for tomorrow and that’s as good a criterion as any.


Can anyone suggest one or two Kraftwerk albums for me to taste. I have heard the well known singles I guess but never an album

Cheers Bruce

I’d suggest starting with The Man Machine and then Electric Cafe for something a bit more mainstream or Radio Activity for something a bit more avant-garde even if just for the hook on the title track alone

Bruce, Technopop from 1983 is a great album , especially the first 3 tracks.