Flying Nun

In 1981, in a small record shop in Christchurch, New Zealand, a man named Roger Shepard wanted to preserve tho local original music so started a record label. The label later became synonymous with the rising ‘Dunedin Sound’ from bands a few hours south in Dunedin City.

It was a distinctive style - my now wife worked in student radio back in the day and a colleague once described it as “jangly New Zealand sh#t”. You either love it or hate it really.

This year Flying Nun records is celebrating their 40th anniversary and has something of a cult following around the world. They continue to support local music with some of the newer bands belonging to children of the original label roster.

There have been a couple of fantastic gigs to celebrate. I got to attend the Auckland one - 12 bands on three stages through the night. There’s a couple of good write-ups with photos for those interested.



I won’t post any more links but the Wikipedia article and official website are easy to find.

Any Flying Nun fans here? Favourite bands? Memories?

Nice one Carl. Inspired me to get off the couch on a cold wet lockdown day in Wellington and approach the turntable.
On goes The Clean “Boodle Boodle Boodle” - brilliant trio pop ! Always thought “Don’t Point That Thing At Me” the best and most underrated on the ep.
Next up maybe TheBats, 3Ds or Look Blue Go Purple…

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