Foam padding used in old multi-CD sets

Does anyone remember the record companies used to include thin foam type inserts to “protect” the CDs in some multi-CD sets? A friend has found the foam disintegrating, and sticking to the label side of CDs. It’s very difficult to get off, leaving a sticky residue on the label side of the CDs. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, what solution was used to successfully clean the CDs without leaving permanent damage. Can anyone help please?

I’ve only ever had that problem with Deutsche Grammophon CD’s. I seem to recall even though the foam can be removed, quite often the surface is damaged. (pitted)

Can’t remember what I used to clean it, possibly washing up liquid.

I’ve removed the inserts in all my DG CD’s, just to be on the safe side. :innocent:

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Yes, I have had this with old DG box sets from early eighties, Difficult to remove from the label side, tried washing up liquid and water and this improved things, but didn’t get rid of it totally. The CDs I tried played or ripped without issue. Have removed this foam from remaining boxes.

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Remember it well - unpleasant stuff I never saw the need for.

I’ve successfully used ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to remove stickers from s/h CDs in the past, but I wouldn’t guarantee it might not do something unpleasant to the surface of an older disc.

If the residue’s only on the label side, it shouldn’t affect playback. If the discs play fine, discretion might be the better part of valour and it might be best left alone.


Thanks, all for your responses. I guess, if as much as possible is removed, and it’s only the label side affected, then all should be OK. Obviously, it’s sensible to make sure all removable residue is taken off to avoid the risk of bits becoming detached inside the CD player.

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