Focal after sales

Just wondering what experiences people have had with Focal after sales recently ?

A couple of weeks back, I dropped my Focal Aria 926’s to my local hi-fi dealer, as I seem to have a tweeter fault in one of the speakers. I called yesterday for an update, and they tell me they’ve had no news from Focal though, and that I should expect to be without my speakers for some time.

I tried contacting Focal myself, again, yesterday, to try and push the process along a little. Radio silence so far (recognising it was only yesterday)

Si, where are you, so I can try to follow this up for you?

Worth considering that it’s August so lots of people on holidays.

I’ll message you.

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Thanks for the message and assistance Richard :+1:.


Quick update on this: from the point that Richard stepped in, everything moved very quickly. I was contacted by Mike Smith from Focal UK, and he chased down my replacement part. End result is that I just popped to my local Audio T and picked up my 926’s. I’ve just plugged them in (I got some new speaker cables while I was there), and am really looking forward to testing them properly with my Atom.

The new setup, at my home bar ….

I have to play around a little with positioning, but first impressions are very positive of this setup in this room.


Great looking space!

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Nice room, love the shelving system (and what’s it’s supporting🙂).

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