Focal App (Uniti) Equalizer

In my opinion the Focal App (Uniti Atom) needs an Equalizer Setting.
A simple Treble-Bass would already be enough to fine tuning some tracks.

Tone controls are not Naim’s thing really so I doubt you will get your wish.
What speakers and cable are you using with the Atom?

I think the atom should have something simple too as it’s designed for bedrooms, kitchens, home offices as well as main systems. I’m sure many would make good use of small treble and bass adjustments.
We have an atom in the kitchen and the speakers are far from in a perfect positions and no cable or port bungs will offer the adjustments required.
I do think Naim should consider the end user does not always have the perfect listings environments. ( Linn Do )

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Naim should give the user the ability of simple tone tuning.
There are different types of music (and/or recordings) that require a few adjustments, easily done with simple tone controls.

I’ve always thought that Naim philosophy was to reproduce using the way it was recorded and intended to be heard. I’ve never missed the confusion of having to fiddle with tone controls.


I’ve never felt the need for tone controls and I’ve used Naim amplifiers since 1989 with a broad range of music and genres.

The simple Tone controls would be harmless for those who don’t need it but certainly would be of a very good use for those who would love to have that option. Just let the user decide for himself…

This question has been knocking around for decades and I think you’ll find that Naim’s view is that adding tone controls, even if defeat-able, will adversely impact sound quality and that is their absolute top priority. So unlikely they’ll be doing so any time soon.

BTW I think there are two different issues at play here. One is room compensation. Actually, you can do this with modern Naim gear, such as the Atom, using Roon, I believe (I’m not a Roon user myself). The other is “correcting” poor recordings where tone controls might be considered useful. My own experience is that tone controls actually make a poor fist of this and I’ve never found them particularly helpful. YMMV of course.


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Naim decided many years ago, not to offer this option.

You are free to go elsewhere, if you wish. Other manufactures I am sure will give you this functionality. But Naim are very unlikely to.

Why did you buy Naim…? Its no secret that Naim do not ‘do’ Tone Controls.

Trying To Be…

Sometimes they do. Mu-So 2.

This is DSP rather than tone controls and offers ‘near wall’, ‘corner’ or none. This is because the Mu-So range are speakers themselves.

Not to forget the Loudness button - sometimes it could be really helpfull.

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