Focal Apparel

Hello all. I hope that everyone is safe & Sound. I have asked this question several times on social media platforms and have yet to receive a response.

Are Focal Audio T-Shirts available for purchase online or in-store? If so, could someone kindly steer me in the right direction. Your time and assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Peter

A quick google search shows that they’re available to buy online from various places. They might also be available from Focal dealers, but you’d have to check with Focal or with your nearest Focal distributor or dealer.

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Now who’d have thought of asking Mr Google. He also revealed this, which our very own @popeye may appreciate.


Thank you for the prompt reply @Richard.Dane. I did a Google search before posting my question here. I am not really interested in some AliExpress knockoff. I did send off an inquiry to both local Focal and Naim dealers. Unfortunately, as I said in my original post no response from either to date. Much appreciated. Peter

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