Focal Arche DAC

After reading todays mainly positive review on WhatHiFi, I wonder if the Focal Arche DAC will have any influence on Naim’s product line?

Funny as it’s made by Micromega

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Well overpriced and has some serious flaws compared to other units on the market. Having no seperate volume control for output via headphones or lineout/XLR is a serious no no of you ask me, a feature available on much cheaper DAC head amp combos. Driver issues really should not be an issue these days.

The main issue is that the the Arche sounds far superior to the Headline/HiCap. I have both.
In fact, after using the Arche for a few months, the Headline is unlistenable.
I use the Arche both with and without its DAC., with Focal and Sennheiser ‘’phones.
The Arche is essentially a headphone amp for Focal headphones, and it does the job really well. I don’t find any useful functionality to be missing.


I have the Arche and the Focal Utopia headphones and they sound absolutely great together. My only problem with the Arche is the connecting to the device issue where you have to turn it on and off then on again to make it work. They are supposed to be working on a firmware update to correct this… and i’m still waiting and waiting…

Sounds familiar !

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Im a newbie but read in other forums that turning on Arche before the source clears this issue. Mine arrives today.

I have tried all ways and it doesn’t work for me, you may be luckier. Some people can make it work just by unplugging the USB and then plugging it back in again (if you’re using the USB). I think there’s a different degree of the problem which effects people differently. For me to make work is the way i mentioned above… Good luck !

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