Focal Aria 926

Hi guys ,

what do you think about the Aria 926 ? Any feedback with Naim ?

( system 272+200 )

Work well with Naim for the price. Lots of presence and scale and a big sound for the money. Can sound a little harsh and care with positioning helps. In their price range I found them hard to beat. Should have addedz they were voiced to work with Naim

Absolutely brilliant! They work beautifully and when I did a sound test, they (In my opinion) were significantly better than anything in the price range. They are fantastic with my system. The sound stage and separation is fantastic. Big recommendation.

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Neil…Wich system do you have ?

Aria 926 has been a fantastic speaker in my experience paired with SuperUniti. I think they punch well above their price and do sound v rich and full bodied.

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I have the Focal Aria 936 and I think they are fantastic, look great and are well built. They are the larger brother to the 926 which I would imagine would sound fantastic too!

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I’ve got a NDX2, NAC 202 and NAP 200 DR. However when I originally got the speakers I had an ND5 XS2 and and older pre/power amp combination from the xs range. The speakers worked just as well with both and I was told when I bought them that they were easily good enough to cope with a higher level 286 level set up.


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