Focal Bathys multi-point not working

Yesterday I got my hands on some Focal Bathys after finding so many good reviews online. I’m very happy with them except for one important thing:

They were advertised as having multi-point capabilities. I would not have bought them without it. I have Jabra earbuds that connect to my computer (Macbook) and phone (Android) simultaneously. Then I can play music, watch videos, etc. through either device while using the earbuds.

With my Bathys, I’m seeing the following behavior:

  1. If they are connected to my computer, they will not connect to my phone. I have to disconnect the bluetooth connection from my computer to even make a connection on my phone.
  2. If they are connected to my phone and I connect with my computer, it does connect. But then my phone cannot play any audio. It shows they are connected, but nothing happens. I can only get audio through my computer.
  3. If they are connected to both devices when I reboot the headphones, they are connected to both devices when they start up again. But I can still only listen to the computer and can only listen to the phone if I disconnect the bluetooth connection on my computer.
  4. If they are connected to both devices and I close the laptop, I can listen to the phone. But as soon as I open the laptop, the phone goes silent again.

Functionally, this “multi-point” behaves exactly like my XM3s (which don’t have multi-point). Basically I have to disconnect from my computer to use my phone.

Is this the way it is supposed to work?

The website says this; which suggests that the playing device becomes the active one.

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Right. But that is not my experience. If the computer is connected, it will not relinquish control to the phone. It won’t allow the phone to connect or, if it is already connected, it won’t allow it to play. Even if the computer isn’t playing anything.

Do you have another device you can use instead of the computer? To see if it’s something to do with the computer hogging the connection to the headphones.

Same issue
Android+iPad works fine, but Android+mac/pc/tv doesn’t. The latest devices (mac/pc/tv) do not allow headphones to switch to android

You’ll need to raise a ticket with focal.