Focal Headphones Promotion

There is currently a promotion on Focal headphones including the Clear Mg, so it looks like a good time to audition them and the Celestee.
I know some members have them so I would like to hear their views. I have a Uniti Atom HE and a NSC 222 to power them.

I‘m also interested in the Hifiman Ananda which is almost 50% cheaper so the Clear Mg will have to be special….

I’m a bit worried that the Focal headphones could end up feeling ‘bright and fatiguing’ with extended listening. I’m sure the dealer won’t allow me to borrow them for a few days!

Thoughts welcome!! Thanks.

I own the Atom HE and i matched it with the Focal Stellia. You can read the review of the Duo i wrote. In short the Stellia’s are perfect for me and with the Atom HE.

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I originally had B&W P7’s driven by my SN3 and they were very good but upgraded them with Beyerdynamic T5 Gen3’s when they came out which was a good SQ improvement.
When I upgraded my SN3 I bought a Violectric V550 headphone amp and upgraded the T5 Gen3’s with a balanced cable, again with a good SQ improvement.
Then later I back to back demoed the T5 Gen3’s with Focal Stellia’s which had a bit more clarity, detail and better bass so bought the Stellia’s and using them with the balanced cable.
I don’t find the Stellia’s fatiguing during long listening sessions of a few hours at a time, they are excellent and if you can get them at a sale price I would stretch the budget to get them like I did in a sale, you won’t regret buying them.

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I was underwhelmed when I listened to the MG, lovely looking and great build quality for sure but sound wise they did very little for me.

I also tried Meze Empyrean but found them little bit dark, Sennheiser hd 820 (something odd about the bass), 800s good and my benchmark but settled for HIfiman xs edition - seemed to be the sweet spot in the range.

Demo is definitely king with headphones.

Enjoy the process of choosing

Now I use the empyreans with my Atom he. I understand the darkness comment but my ears seem to enjoy what I am going to call the luxurious silky-ness. Empyreans were purchased to remove the ‘glitter’ I found in the Clears. Still on the stand but never plugged in.

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