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Hi Everyone, first of all - Merry Xmas and Happy and Healthy New 2024 Year as well!!!

Anyone using Focal Headphones with Naim DAC V1. If yeas which one You can advise??? And/or maybe different ones - doesn’t have to be Focal…

Using Elear here very good they have been superseded by new models though.

I also have the Elear, which are very good.

I think there are still available and as they are a discontinued model, prices are keen.


Thank You Gentlemen, I have heard a positive feedback about Elear headphones too. Correct me if I am wrong - Clear and Clear MG headphones sounds cold be close to Elear but more expensive :pensive:

I am going to post an unpopular opinion, but Focal headphones never impressed me. I owned the Clear and was very underwhelmed. I used the Utopia for a weekend and was not impressed.
I got the Sennheiser HD600 a few days ago, and much prefer it to the Focals.


I had Beyerdynamic T5 Gen 3 closed back headphones running a balanced cable on them and back to back tested them against Focal Stellia closed back and the Focals had better clarity, detail and deeper and better bass response so I bought them and run the balanced cable on them and very pleased with the sound quality performance.

When I was demoing headphones, I tried both the Elear and Clear, along with Audeze, Stax and Sennheiser, but not Clear MG.

I ended up getting the Elear, as for me, much preferred their presentation.


Does anybody know what the studio engineers wear when they’re working?

Jeans and a t-shirt? :wink:


I have compared a few months ago Sennheiser 800 with Focal MG pro connected to Naim Atom headphones amp - similar price level. For me Sennheiser sounds a little bit better but for longer session I would choose Focal. This is my personal choice. Because my second system is UnitiQute2 / DAC V1 / NAP 100 I am not sure if those headphones will “match” V1 headphones amp… I think the best option will be bring to my Audio T Dealer DAC V1 and do demos again with different headphones. Any way thank You again for any suggestions. Rgds, Jeremi

Hi again, do You have any experience between balanced vs unbalanced cables which CA be connected between Naim DAC V1 and Focal Clear MG headphones??? As far as I know Focal Clear MG box including not balanced cables. But most audio forum prefer to change those headphones cable for balanced ones. Do You really hearing sounds differences, really???

The V1 has no balanced output, so I don’t think you will want a balanced cable to connect to it.

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Hi Chris, are You sure? Looks like I missed something. I need to go back to Manual of this device again. Any way, if it’s like You’re saying - I don’t need balanced cables between headphones and dac v1.

I have a V1 for headphone use it does not have balanced outputs as far as I can see.

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Yes, it’s just a regular 6.3mm headphone jack connection.

I will be receiving my utopia headphones in about a week. Using them with SN3. I have not used headphones for a long time.

I have used my clears with my V1, via a 6.35mm TRS jack. I normally use them via my Violectric v281 balanced, which is better as the headphone amp is better. Balanced is a better way to go if you can. But you cant with the V1.

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