Focal Naim America Status

Does anyone know the status of Focal Naim America. Have they shut down and if so, when.

I placed an order for a new NAC 252 and they show that they got the order from my dealer but it looks like it hasn’t shipped. It should have done last week.

Salisbury is closed now, due to coronavirus lock down.

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I knew about that but I was looking for confirmation that the US importer had shut down. I suppose they could handle the order working from home but can’t ship it.
It would be good to let dealers know.

Well, I’ll just have to be patient.

Likely not too much help but they do have an email address on their website. Likely they are closed as Quebec province has been hit the hardest in Canada.

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I thought they were in upstate NY near the border.

I’lm going to call their 800 number tomorrow and find out what’s going on.

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Please do and let us know.

OK, I will.

I emailed the US distributor last week and have yet to hear back.

So did I. I think it’s certain they have shut down.

I’ve asked Naim for a status update and will post when I hear back.

Leatherneck, your dealer should have received at least two status communications that were sent to all North American dealers from Focal Naim America. From what I can see they are working but running at reduced capacity due to the restrictions in place to maintain safety, and have started shipping again since April 1st. Dealers just needed to let them know if they were able to accept shipments, as I guess some would be unable to do so. Best liaise with your dealer for any update on your NAC252.

My dealer told me that they were shutting down several weeks ago. Your dealer should be able to help you out! Given that they are in New York state, I think that we can expect them to be closed until (at least) April 29, per the Governor’s orders.

There address seems to be Plattsburgh, NY. My mom went to college there in the late 1940’s - early 1950’s!

Focal Naim America ( formerly Dimex - Plurison ) used to have a distribution office in Plattsburgh NY but the head office is in Repentigny Canada which is about 60 miles from Plattsburgh.

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My NAC 252 is supposed to be in the cue to ship shortly. I should find out soon.

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Communications have been established and I was able to plead my case. I’m told I’m in the queue in Montreal and the 252 should ship soon.

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Good deal Bud! I know who your dealer is, right? He’s the best.

Yup, he is the best. So is his better half.
I think I have your 300DR/300PS. I know what you have now!

Sweet! I didn’t have the 300 very long :slight_smile:

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