Naim during the Coronavirus

Dear all,

I just wanted to provide a quick update for those of you wondering how things are here in Salisbury. The quick answer is we’ve been really busy keeping things ‘business as usual’ as far as possible, but with the health and safety of our staff as a top priority.

Limited production staff have worked safely at the Naim factory to finish orders in progress. The Naim factory is now temporarily closed, but with a plan in place for an efficient phased return to full service as soon as appropriate.

All available Naim stock is with our logistics partner, which is shipping orders to retailers. Please continue to liaise with your local Naim specialist dealer about existing and new orders.

As I’m sure you understand, we are currently unable to receive or complete any new product returns or service requests. However, we are operating a full Technical Support function, and will continue to help you with any queries.

All other Naim departments, including Customer Service, Finance, R&D, Sales and Marketing, are working remotely, including some exciting projects around future products and technologies.

We wish you and yours all the very best in these extraordinary times.

Charlie and the Naim team.


Take care.


Charlie, thanks for the update. I’m sure I speak for everybody here when I wish you and everybody at Naim all the best during these difficult times.


Take care…all at Naim

Stay Safe

Health will be 1st priority

Best wishes


Thanks! This keeps my spirits up… Be safe


Take care all.


Thank you Charlie for letting us know what is happening with our favourite brand and its wonderful people. Their and our health and safety indeed is first and foremost to protect.

“Limited production staff have worked safely at the Naim factory to finish orders in progress”, " All available Naim stock is with our logistics partner, which is shipping orders to retailers".

Should we understand that all orders made - say before 15 February, including delayed 500 series, are now fulfilled, completed and being dispatched to distributors and retailers?

Chag -

Hi Chag, we’ve tried to get as many orders completed as we could. Please can you check with your retailer first, hopefully you’ll be ok, but please bear with us if not. Thanks, Charlie

Thanks again Charlie. It seems that retailers may not have all information yet.


If it’s not Putin it’s something else! … all the best to you and the team in Salisbury.

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Good luck in these very difficult times.

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Thank you Charlie, hope all staff are safe; I’m listening to my naim while working from home ; best way to work

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I understood that there may have been plans for Salisbury to re-open today. This is now delayed by a few more days after new announcements of the Authorities.
Should we be happy to understand that risks have been mitigated already to an acceptable level and that production is about to resume?

You are joking ?

I very much doubt that to be the case Chag. There is certainly no relaxation on UK COVID restrictions. If anything, the narrative has turned to tightening what we have in place already subject to people’s behaviour in complying with what is in place.

Good morning,
We had considered reopening the site today as we have implemented extensive safe distance and working precautions, and along with split shifts to dramatically reduce the number of people on site at any one time, it was an option, however with the current climate still in limbo, we have chosen to postpone this until after the Easter period, and the current anticipated peak. The health and wellbeing of our staff remain and always will be our priority. Therefore all staff who can work remotely continue to do so, and our production teams are not on site for now. Thank you for your understanding.