Focal & Naim App

Hi everyone , I have just purchased a Nd5xs , I have done the 4.8 firmware upgrade, all good , but on the focal & Naim app the txt on the playlists seems to overlay , using with iPad mini 5gen , any ideas ? Thank you.

Try emailing NAIM tech.

But before doing that, have you reset anything? Reinstalled the app etc?

Also can you post an image of what you are seeing that’s incorrect?


I have a Mini 6, and I don’t see any problem. But I may have a different configuration. If you can upload a screenshot, I will try to emulate it.

Hi , thank you for your reply , yes have tried that .

You’re using the iPad in portrait mode, what happens if you use it in landscape mode?

On my 12" iPad I have issues with some websites where the layout in portrait overlaps but in landscape it is perfect.

This could be because you have your font scaling up quite high? The app’s UI seems to be pretty old and non-standard, so likely doesn’t handle accessibility features well.


Thank you for your reply , sadly no difference.

I tried changing the font scaling on my Mini 6, but it didn’t affect the Focal & Naim app display.

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