Focal Naim Canada: I'm impressed and more than happy!

I purchased an old NAC252 preamplifier from a gentleman who was downsizing. The unit was built in 2003.

I contacted Focal Naim Canada (in Québec) about servicing the preamplifier, and ten days later… the preamplifier has 76 new capacitors, a clean bill of health, and it is singing in my system.

I’m impressed the 20 year old preamplifier didn’t need any servicing other than recapping. I’m also impressed with the turnaround time. Focal Naim Canada did an excellent job. Thank you!

The preamp is sounding excellent, and I know it will only get better.

I’m impressed and more than happy!


I have gotten good service from them recently. They repaired my 252 with a faulty mute relay and a broken HiLine cable, both free of charge,


I’ve also received very impressive service from them. They are great to deal with.

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My UnityQute2 is there right now for a screen replacement…I hope for a quick turnaround as they had the screens on hand. Fingers crossed!

Great folks at Focal/Naim in Canada. Straight shooters and prompt service!

Update: I was told my recapped NAC252 would take six weeks to burn-in, and, yes, it is true.

Six weeks (to the day) my recapped NAC252 has opened up, and it is creating sounds that are otherworldly. I loved my NAC282, but the NAC252 is on another level. Naim Audio never ceases to amaze me.

I am very happy!


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